How to Kick Ass.

welcome to the home of the realist shit evah!

Here you will find anything and everything that interest's me and those around me. and that includes you . let me know what you wanna see ill find something about it. i aint selling anything or trying to make a name im just putting up a site where i can find all the crap i follow on different pages in a chaotic pile of nonsense.  frees you up to search for porn unless you want me to search it for you then shit will never get done.  if you clicked here from techpb let me know what you think and dont worry i wont report anyone to mike if you talk shit. ill just kick your ass on the field with my spyder clone and put it on youtube for everyone to see.
Time to update the bitch!!! ive been busy on a special super dooper secret project.  as soon as i gather all the materials ill start doing a step by step how to on making your own meda jukebox/karaoke machine. peace out bitche
nov. 11-2010 i know i have to update this everyday or so but nothing new really. just the same ol same ol i dont think anyone is eve reading this.
nov. 6-2010 the pump kit is finally on. looks great feels great ready to shoot  nov.2-2010 prop 19 failed check out the blog on what i think about it.

oct.31-2010  holloween is over spent it with the neighbors chilling yelling at kids and eating some bomb ass food good times. just sent out for my pre 2k pump kit and tomorrow im gonna go to my local pb monger and see if i can get a deal on a freak kit then its just sit and wait for a game to pop off. oh yeah i linked this to my tech pb profile you guys visiting from there say wut on here or my techpb page and tell me what you would like me to cover.

oct.26-2010  still pumped about cains win this past weekend nothing new for today

oct.22-2010-UPDATE TO MMA PAGE. check on fight night for results.

oct.20-2010  ive got nothing to say but will post updates from time to time. Like what you may ask? Well... hmmmm. im watching fresh prince of bel-air in spanish. carlton is just as awesome.