How to Kick Ass.
During the holidays everywhere i went people were renting jukebox/karaoke machines "rockolas" as they are called. and i would never find any machines with the type of music i like or they didn't have the karaoke for the songs i wanted. then i talked to one of the owners of said rockolas and said he had built some for a client and said it was quite easy to do so and he had sold them for 1500 each. hmmm buy one for 1500 and hack it to put in my own music or build mine from scracth hmmm. since i dont think i should pay 1500 dorrahs for something i can build myself for about 500 im gonna give it a shot. the only question now is if i wanna rent it out if i do i need to make it bullet proof and add a second hard drive to put all the crappy top 40 shit on it so there is something for everyone.  things i will need

  1. cpu which includes motherboard, some type of media drive cd, or dvd, and two hard drives
  2. monitor
  3. number pad
  4. keyboard interface-hacked mame keyboard will be used on this one-
  5. happ buttons used for mame.
  6. jukebox software
  7. 2 to 3 5/8 thick mdf boards.


so its been a while and paintball has taken a back seat to this new project i have going. I used to buy cd's and download them to my pc and then put them on my mp3 player i would say ipod but i have never owned an ipod im a fan of sd card players like ilo so i always had to manually write all the album info good thing ive kept my 160 gig hard drive in good condition or i would be pretty screwed. now i only have to hunt down album art for about 1,000 albums. so what will i do with all that music and what would i use to play it?  here are the programs you will need:
SKJUKEBOX or your favorite jukebox software keep in mind im going for the cheapest method available.
INSTANT SHELLER. i have custom boot screens i will post and you can edit with your own text.
PARTITION MAGIC. make a windows partition and a music partiton to keep music safe if windows fails.
so thats about it for software i might be forgetting something but this is still a work in progress.