How to Kick Ass.



nov 2o1o- nothing new to write about gonna head out to my first game of winter on sunday. ordered my first basic pump kit from ans gear hope everything turns out ok ive heard some not so good things about customer service. cs is something i never deal with. i dont complain about shitty service i just dont do business with them anymore. plain and simple. but i got faith in ans until they show me otherwise. well hope to play my first pump session against some pbvirgins. so they will be playing with my semis and ill be hopefully sniping them bitches in the back of the head. its a terrible way to get into pump play but thats how i do things. when i was a kid my dad threw me in a deep pool and found out i could swim... well atleast dog paddle back to the edge and not fucking drown.  so wish me luck see if i dont fuck up my ankle again. peace out.

the pump project.

i got this pre 2k system x autococker for free a while back and it was just laying around gathering dust since i couldnt find the missing barb fitting for it. then i found a cheap pump kit on ans for it. thought about and thought about until i just cave. i had a 20 dollar freak kit for this marker slip through my fingers and i would kick myself in the face if i let these pump kits go out of stock without me getting one. so here it is the state it was in when i made the decision to build it and a few step jumps to "finished" pump marker. 

i think this is a 93-97 body on a late 90's trigger frame and front block and bolt. has some serious scratches on it but whatever. this is my first pump gun so i dont know how to play with it which should be fun. like i said i got this for free and was kicking it around for a few months and accepted it with the intent of fixing the front block but always wanted a sniper and the same guy was gonna sell me the freak kit for 20 bucks as soon as i fixed it but i guess he sold it or someone stole it because he cant find it. whatever the xcel barrel is good enough and i dont use the highest quality paint so im not too worried about breaks or roll outs.  so there it is the pump for now. i havent shot it yet since my fields compressor is busted and i dont want to use co2 on it.

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