How to Kick Ass.
i fell in love with paintball a while back and with anything i get into i tend to go a little overboard. i liken it to my old videogame days where i would play,read,watch anything and everything that had a videogame in it.  now ever since my birthday in 09 on a dare i played for the first time then i  was hooked spent the money i was gonna use for an xbox 360 figured playing a real fps was better than vegging in front of the tv would be a little better. glad i made the choice that same year my daughter was born and now at 11:30 a year and a half later i gotta sneak a facebook or sherdog without yelling at my little girl to "drop that!" "hey leave that alone"

So you could imagine the enjoyment i get spending a few hours with some friends and strangers getting some air and drinking some beers throwing some paint around. but what about the weekends in between when the weather is just too harsh for us old dogs?
well i spend my time at the ol flea market circles. getting old beat up guns and breathing new life into them i even tech peoples markers for free give out pods of paint anything to keep or get one more player out in the mix. right now i cant afford an ego or a timmy but i like it that way keeps me sharp.

   but what happens when fellow paintballers strop dropping out of the sport? i know it aint the cheapest sport to play on a weekly basis but if you can scrounge a few bucks for a box of paint and some fills you got a solid weekend or sunday to have some real fun. i try my best i buy extra guns, tanks, scuba fill stations, co2 fill stations, and yet i find it gathering dust. is it an obsession now where i dont play just read,write about it? i hope not i really enjoy paintball i find the hunt and even the defeat enjoyable. but what will i do with all this crap if no one will use it? i would like sell it but when it all comes together and a game happens i dont wanna be paying again for something i sold when i thought i wasnt gonna play again. now im building an autococker pump and spending yet more money on something i will probably use a few times a year if that. i just hope im not hording this gear out of some empty void trip i sometimes go on. just some thoughts i had and felt like typing down. peace out and let me know if you got a game going.


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    john h.

    im a proud budget baller who likes some good ol recball/woodsball.


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