How to Kick Ass.
Me just me and why should you care? you shouldn't. unless you think the same and like peeking into the crazy ramblings of crazy people who dont know they are crazy.

 that said i just write sometimes whatever the hell i feel like before i know it i write a huge fucking paragraph that i dont even know where it came from wanna see it in action yes/no? who gives a fuck what you want its my page and i say yes! here goes....... damn now that im all under pressure n shit i cant think of anything........ its all blank maybe im trying too hard maybe i should just let it do its thing like water through a river bed. with all its rocks fish twigs and drift wood. the first drop from the melting snow of a mountain top finally gets enough heat from the sun to begin the road towherever river water goes to. maybe its whole purpose of being is to get to that river. it may evaporate in its own way die and be reborn in a vapor only to one day come back to frozen state and faintly remember being a vapor being another form but its journey at hand is to get to the river one life it finally makes it down through the cracks on the backs of other drops and it feels good to move along with the others as they all agree to move in the same direction toward one goal whatever it may be. who knows maybe water is alive and we know it can change from all these states but still basic water. ice,liquid,vapor. what would be our stages of existence? we know this one becuase we are all agreeing to be here. we all have different lives but we all are all the same road to death. we call it death. water would call it drinketh. so what is death? just a springboard to another existence? maybe are all alive to serve something else maybe we see it every day but so full of shit that we would never think about living to sustain something else beyond us. but we do we sustain bacteria. microscopic little life that we spend all our lives trying to keep from killing us until one day we give up and it does. then what? bacteria get eatin by what? how far does my cell have to travel before its no longer me? who the fuck knows in the end it doesnt matter at all. its all questions in my head that will never get answered and im ok with that. see shit like that just comes out you should try it sometimes.

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