How to Kick Ass.

ufc 121 picks and results

it hard for me to get excited nowadays for any ufc card but godamn they got some potential this saturday. we will see.we have shields coming in as a champ in strikeforce vs a crazy kampmann tito making a fool of himself against hamill and what could be the best of the best duking it out on the main event.


  1. dongi yang vs chris camozzi- YANG. havent seen much of either fighter but seeing a clip here and there i would think yang has the advantage yang by sub in the second.
  2. gilbert yvel vs jon madsen- MADSEN by stoppage in the second.
  3. sam stout vs paul taylor- STOUT by dec.
  4. michael guymon vs daniel roberts TOSS UP i havent seen much of either to pick. but on paper it looks evenly matched.
  5. patrick cote vs tom lawlor COTE by ko in the third.
  6. court mcgee vs ryan jensen COURT finishes in the third
  7. brendan schaub vs gabriel gonzaga toss up gonzaga is been shoddy and havent seen much of schaub
  8. tito ortiz vs matt hamill AHHHH tito what can i say im a huge of fan of  tito but its been a long time since ive put money on him. hamill would give anyone trouble and tito is a weaker version of hamill so.... tito just on loyalty alone.
  9. paulo thiago vs diego sanchez AHHHHHH again ive been a huge diego fan since his kotc days and his striking has gotten worse and worse every time. he continues to rely on it but thiago has decent record... diego just not puttin money on it
  10. jake shields vs martin kampmann toss up im just gonna watch this one looks to be a war.
  11. brock lesner vs cain velasquez-for the hw chamionship. how do you pick this? if cain would have fought pre-illness brock cain would have mopped the floor with the champ but now things have changed.  cain is the man to beat brock he has speed strength punching power everything needed to beat the beast. but i believe it is brock brush with death that will make all the difference. brock is a complete freak of nature and now with his complete lack of fear of all things human. he is not afraid to die he stared at it and won what can he fall victim to? intimidation? pffft come on now have you stared into a soldiers eyes? i believe he is more mexican than cain now you need to live through some traumatic shit to be the best at what you want to do. and beating peoples ass cannot be more elevated than brock.