How to Kick Ass.


-2010 OCT.26
 as of december 2009 i havent played a single game. plus the april 4 quake pretty much put everything on the back burner for a while. now the weather is getting a bit cooler and im digging up the ol gear for some recball but no one has their markers anymore if they do they are douchebags that i just dont wanna play with. plus the pb field's hpa compressor is busted and the co2 guy is never there so im watching the sport die in my neck of the woods.
i know its not like that everywhere but i have to drive hours for a decent pb field and i was really close to sell all my shit but to rebuy everything would be a bitch.

nov 2   so i never learn. im still buying pb stuff and not playing why you ask? i dont really know. i have this 99 autococker laying around that i got for free. its been in peices for  a while but finally put all together found a basic 99 cocker pump kit and will get to using that pretty soon. im fairly new to paintball and i havent spent more that 40 dollars on a pb marker even though the final upped price of each does amount to some decent change but i cant afford to buy a new spool gun or anything like that so im settling in the recball tier for now and for the foreseeable future.  so yep its time to learn pump now.