How to Kick Ass.
thats great in my opinion. i dont wanna see these same idiots who dont use turn signals,text, put on makeup,read,stare while driving doint all that shit while getting high. we all know these people will try it on the sole reason being its whats in the news right now.weed should be hard to get damnit. it takes a certain type of person to go and find weed. not in a faggot ass dispensary but a real old school weed monger it should be a mission to find some good shit. whats fun about walking in with a note and getting some of the finest consistant weed known to man? ok but still do you really want everyone to be able to smoke? i think you should pay to get a liscense to smoke. if you bought the paris hilton cd when it came out your pot smoking rights should be revoked.

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